Sunday, 26 March 2017

Bird Box Camera

I'm so proud of the girls' school. They do so many cool nature things for the children from having rabbits children can take home for weekends to raising chickens.  The latest is the live feed from a bird box that was recently erected on the school grounds.  Clearly, it's in a great spot as a blue tit has claimed it as home and is busy building a nest.

The school are streaming the feed 24/7 so it's lovely to check on the little feathered friend at night too.  Here s/he is snoozing away.

I hope we see some eggs soon  The children in Year 3 classes are also trying to hatch some chicks and have incubators in their classrooms.  Will post cute, fluffy chick pictures if they succeed.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Missing hole!

I've lost it.  This is the second time I can't find the hole. Who would believe it's just plain old disappeared?  Yep, I'm going to have to make a new one.  Darn it!

I'm talking about my rotary line hole of course. Every winter I pop the rotary line in the shed and every Spring I get it out when it's a lovely, sunny day and play 'hunt the hole' in the garden.  I lost one right by the patio last year.  I mean, come on! It was there in October, complete with it's metal spike, and gone in March.  It was only 12 inches from the patio edge but I couldn't find it anywhere and nor could hubby or the girls.  So hubby popped a new hole in (with spike naturally) and life was good again.  

Spike (from Buffy). More interesting than a rotary line
Today it was sunny.  My washing was ready so I retrieved the rotary line and...couldn't find the hole! I even tried banging the ground with a spoon hoping for a 'metallic' sound from the spike.  No joy.  I thought I was crazy so I put this news on Facebook only to be met with so many friends who also lose the hole yearly. Who'd have thought it right?  

I have had some great suggestions for not losing/finding the hole.  These range from putting a stick in it over winter (probably not as I don't want impaled children), to using a magnet or metal detector to find it.  

Hubby is going to mow the lawn tomorrow to continue the search for the hole. Will we find it?

Monday, 6 March 2017

iFly and Skiplex

The girls had a smashing time this weekend at iFly and Skiplex.  S flew again - her 3rd one and she was confident enough to go into the holding area on her own now, so I just watched.   She did two really good flights, despite having a 'tumble' as she straightened her legs downwards too much.  She went on to have a 3rd flight and did 2 high-flies. She can't wait to go back. I'm so pleased to see her doing this and having such fun.

N enjoyed the first half of her skiing until she fell, ran over her finger with her ski and hurt herself. Took a little persuasion for her to go back for her second 1/4 hour but, despite some tears, she did it, along with the gentle coaxing of her instructor who went on the slope with her.  To finish off she had a go on a toboggan which she loved.  

She was learning to turn and did it well.  However, says she doesn't want to go back for her next lesson but I'm hoping she'll change her mind.  It's up to her, as it's supposed to be fun after all.

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