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TUI - 5* platinum or 2* rubbish?

We've been really shocked lately by the attitude of TUI.  We booked last year to go to a hotel in Cape Verde - the Melia Tortuga Beach Resort and Spa.  According to TUI, this is a "5* Platinum" hotel.  Wow!  That is amazing right? Good price for all inclusive, 2 room apartment and right on the beach.  How could you not be excited by this?

Well, you can be UNTIL you start to read the latest Trip Advisor reviews.  Yes, they are "subjective" as TUI told me when I complained but really, can all those people be wrong?  The hotel has deteriorated significantly since we booked it but TUI are determined to still market it as a 5* hotel, despite the comments of nearly every visitor.  What is going on?

It seems that TUI refuse to accept that a hotel is not up to the standard it should be.  Consequentially, we decided not to waste another penny beyond our deposit on this place and cancelled.  Or course, TUI held on to our £800 as a hotel that has declined so far is no reaso…

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